Tax Consulting Services

Tax Consulting Services


Tax consulting company in VietNam

M&H is the combination of Lawyers, Accountants and Auditors to bring you the reliable legal services regarding as:

Tax Consulting Services
Tax Consulting Services

Tax consulting Service:

  • Consultancy to make tax finalization
  • Consultancy on Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
  • Consulting on declarations and making report in the related transactions (transfer pricing)
  • Tax consulting on transfer pricing
  • Consulting regularly on tax law and updating tax law changes (regular consulting contract)
  • Consulting and making documentation for VAT refund
  • Consulting on tax law, and representative for clients in the settlement of disputes or complaints about tax
  • Tax due diligent for M&H
  • To evaluate the tax duties;
  • To manage the tax risks;
  • To be representative of customers in the tax offices;
  • To make documents and apply for tax refund;
  • To make the strategic plans about tax;
  • To consult customers about the effectiveness of tax on future contracts or financial decisions;
  • To comment about the tax effectiveness on accounting works;
  • To be the the consultants on tax problems;
  • To help customers draft the balance-sheet, financial statement and cash flowing statement;
  • To build tax structure

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