Introduction M & H company

Introduction M & H company


M&H Auditing and Valuation Co. Ltd is one of the leading companies providing auditing, accounting and valuation services, consulting services on investment and tax. We commit to provide clients with the best accounting and auditing services. Services provided by M&H are based on complying with auditing standards and principles of professional ethics.


M&H Auditing Firm and M&H Law Firm, (hereinafter referred to as “M&H”) is one of the leading companies providing services on auditing, accounting, valuation

Auditing services

Independence – Intergrity- Compliance

Our Auditors and Audit Assistants M&H are well-trained and regularly updated legal document of law and tax regulations

Which are the best benefit for our Clients

 Auditing services:

  • Auditing the financial statements
  • Auditing the capital of construction works
    • Civil Construction
    • Transport Construction
    • Industrial Construction
    • Electronic Construction
    • Agricultural Construction
  • Auditing compliance request of Clients
  • Auditing the confirmation of stock in order to veryfiy with Customs requirement on import material
  • Tax Audit
  • Audit and Investigate corruption according to Client requirements

Consulting Services Law

Our Services:

  • Legal consulting on trade laws, on establishing foreign invested companies in Vietnam, advising contract preparation accordance with the Laws of Vietnam.
  • Consulting on Banking and Financial Law, Tax law, Transfer pricing.
  • Legal consulting on the operation of the company and being the clients’s lawyer.
  • Advice on Import- Export Law (Customs).
  • Advice on labor law and labor dispute resolution.
  • Legal advice on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).
  • Advising on international law.
  • Attorney-at-law on case dispute at court or Viet Nam International Arbitration Center (VIAC)

Tax – Accounting:


  • Consultancy, balance accounting data, revenue,  profits and losses .
  • Consulting to complete book keeping
  • Consulting on settlement taxes
  • Tax reporting service, registration and declaration of taxes, enterprises representative to explain to the tax authorities.


  • Consultancy to make tax finalization
  • Consultancy on Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
  • Consulting on declarationsandmaking reportin there lat ed transactions(transfer pricing)
  • Tax consulting on transfer pricing
  • Consulting regularly on tax law and up dating tax law changes(regular consulting contract)
  • Consulting and making documentation for VAT refund
  • Consulting on tax law, and representative for client sinthe settlementof disputesorcomplaints about tax
  • Tax due diligent for M&A

Valuation services


  • Real estate Valuation: right of land use, land of project, commercial center, office building, apartment, house, factory, …
  • Valuation machinery and equipment: equipment of production line, medical equipment, communication equipment, television equipment, transportation equipment, equipment of the water and electric power industry, school equipment ….
  • Corporate Valuation: asset and financial investments, capital ownership.
  • Valuation of intangible assets: trademarks, intellectual property rights, copyright, mining rights, business advantages, lease advantages …
  • Valuation of investment projects: estimate valuation, settlement of works, investment consultancy, tender consultancy ….

Our Team:

Mr. Mai Tran – Managing Partner

One of very few Vietnamese who has obtained 4 professional licenses, these are Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Attorney at- Law, Valuer, Certified Tax Consultant.

Mr. Mai Tran is member of the International Lawyer of Association, Executive Board Member of Vietnam Tax Consultant Association (VTCA) and Executive Board Member of Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA).

Mrs. Huong Le

Attorney – at­- law, Certified Valuer.

Member of Bar Association of Viet Nam,  Member of Vietnam Tax Consultant Association (VTCA).

Mrs. Huong Le is excellent in practice as legal consultant for corporations (FDI) in Vietnam.